Join the battle for Domination and jump into your Mech to fight in the arena for Glory!

A unique turn-based action/strategy battle arena game, SUPER MECHS lets you strap into a formidable Mech suit and destroy your foes either in story mode or in online PvP.

Customize your Mech from the ground up, picking the loadout best for you to annihilate the enemy and progress through the challenges ahead.
Either progress up the ladder in solo play, or join an alliance and play in the weekly league for unique rewards and bragging rights.

– Build and customize your Mech with thousands of different items to give you the edge in combat
– Join thousands of players in a PvP arena to battle it out and see who has the strongest Mech
– Craft weapons, armor and upgrades and enhance them with unique Power-Ups
– Play & Chat in real-time
– Join an alliance of warriors – or start your own and take on the world!

So jump in pilot, your Mech is waiting. It’s time to FIGHT!

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