The third game in the Learn to Fly series. After defeating the icebergs last time, our intrepid flippered hero not only wants to fly, but make it to space as well!

Patch Notes

1.1.14 notes:
Failure to update your sardines/consumables on the servers now lets you retry the call. It’s not ideal, but this now means you won’t silently lose your resources anymore.

1.1.0 notes:
– Introduction of the Black Market, where you can purhcase extra items, cheat options, fast-forward, slow motion, unlock over-leveling items to 100 and much more to enhance your game.
– Online saves are now functioning again
– 6 new omega items
– New medals
– More difficult challenges and goals have been added to make the late game more worthwhile.
-Your previous flights’ progress can now be recorded and checked.
– Item tweaks to rebalance them
– Minor bug fixes, tweaks and changes

1.0.34 notes:
-Added an option to not end the day by falling.
-Fixed the bug where “play for X real life days” medals don’t trigger or register in achievements.
-DOUBLED the steering power of every item to made the controls feel more responsive
-Reworked booster packs to have much greater odds of getting certain cards. You still can get everything from any booster though.

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